Navigating Leadership in 2014


You may well have seen my posts outlining in some detail my rather grandly titled Manifesto for 2014. In fact what I was trying to do was focus/refocus leaders onto four key elements which would help them shift their impact and effectiveness – hopefully into a completely new place.

As a reminder they are:

*Remove complexity
*Appreciate more
*Focus on strengths
*Be inclusive

I firmly believe that if every leader tried to focus on even one of these in 2014 we would see a shift in many teams in an array of organisations. I hadn’t realised when I wrote this that, for example, my fantastic former employers PwC have really embraced the Strengths agenda and are reaping the rewards. They clearly get it. Quite right too.

And the time is right for this focus. You can forgive leaders for wanting a ruthless focus on the numbers during a downturn – although I, of course, believe that it is when times are hardest that you need to be at your most effective, inclusive and appreciative as a leader.

But that excuse is now starting to vanish. And your teams will be watching. They will have a greater number of other career possibilities. Many of them belong to the new generations who have more options and know exactly how to exercise them.

So now is the time. Four ways in which you can “go for it” in 2014.

Aim for simplicity! Appreciate those around you! Focus on their strengths! And be that inclusive, more appealing leader!

Over to you but let me know if I can help………….


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